4th International EAI summit bringing 360° perspective on Smart Cities

SmartCity 360°2018 Summit

Guimarães Portugal

21.-23. November 2018



Centro Cultural Vila Flor - Guimarães - Portugal


Vila Flor Cultural Centre
Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 701
4810-431 Guimarães


Telephone (+351) 253 424700

Fax (+351) 253 424710




SmartCity360° 2018

The 4th annual Smart City 360˚Summit is an innovative event in Smart Cities, promoting multidisciplinary scientific collaboration to solve complex societal, technological and economic problems of emerging Smart Cities. As such, the main goals are to promote quality of life, work conditions, mobility and sustainability. With the urbanization phenomenon rising, those challenges assume a fundamental role in the effective infrastructures development and organization of future cities.

In the normal course of technology evolution, several smart solutions came up addressing specific problems like traffic control, efficient buildings, social networking systems, or even support for tourism and lazier activities. Smart Cities will put everything together taking co-relating information to explore intelligent ways to better support strategic and operation decisions. To make this possible it is necessary to involve all stakeholders and find ways to collaborate towards real Smart Cities, instead of Cities of Smart Things. This event will create an excellent opportunity for an exchange of experiences and best practices among international Smart City innovation programs, stimulating partnerships and the exploration of new ideas.

Europe has been recognized as a very important player concerning knowledge development, and Smart Cities (being all about exploring new knowledge) appear as an excellent research and development framework, perfected fitted to Europe’s typical strategic line. Not only from the technological point of view, but notably concerning social and human aspects of live, Europe always innovated and promoted creative thinking to improve quality of live for citizens. Some important initiatives were already researched and experimented, but the recent emergency of massive communication systems (e.g., spread of IPv6 and technology integration) and massive capacity of delivering and processing huge amount of data (the Internet of Things concept), created a new ecosystem, full of opportunities for an innovation-based economy, but also some challenges. One such challenge concerns security and privacy issues, fundamental to create a trust climate necessary to make Smart Cities to evolve. Sustainability, environment, mobility and safety appear frequently among the aims and challenges of Smart Cities. The Summit will create excellent opportunities to help consolidating Smart Cities innovation efforts, to share experiences and to promote new partnerships and projects.

Who should attend?

Cities and regional authorities
Policy leaders from the EU area
IT engineers, specialists and project managers
Projects managers focusing on development of smart cities, systems and services
Urban designers and planners working on smart cities development and planning
Leading companies and start-ups providing smart cities solutions or components
Investors, business angels and venture capitalists
Exhibitors focused on innovative smart cities solutions, systems and components
Technology experts working with ICT and application topics including open data and analytic, IoT and networks, intelligent transport systems and mobility, environmental monitoring and protection, e-health and e-government, smart housing and energy systems
International organizations focusing on innovative smart cities solution development

Why you should attend?

To be ware of the current situation in Smart Cities development and evolution.
To discuss hot topics such as smart cities implementation strategies and integration with urban and regional systems, innovation polices, cities labs and business cases.
Hear from others about Success Stories and Real-world examples.
To have an insight on the future of smart cities, particularly joining the Technology forecast session, where our experts will share their ideas with you.
Thinking about creating a start up or establishing a partnership? Smart City 360° Summit 2017 will provide you with leads on what to do and what to avoid.
Showcase products and services.