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Theo Cosmora

Theo Cosmora


Theo Cosmora specializes in the design and development of solutions that contribute to Human potential realization and which help achieve the United Nations’s Goals.
A futurist, ecosystems architect and inclusive business model designer, Theo’s started his journey in technology centered around telecoms and then Unified Messaging. Thereafter he was involved in the development of social business networks with integrated value added services.
In 2011 Theo built MDG Game, the only educational game for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that incorporated official UN statistical data in partnership with UNDESA / UNPAN. The MDG Game was launched by then Under Secratary-General Mr Sha Zukang at the 2012 World Expo. For his MDG Game contribution, Theo was given a UN Award.
In 2015, with his company SocialEco, Theo invented the $1 Smartphone, a multi-stakeholder designed solution created to enable digital financial inclusion of the 4 Billion Base of Pyramid population living on less than $8 per day yet constituting what the World Bank has assessed to be a $5 trillion economy. The $1 Smartphone platform brings new users into the global digital economy while enabling business & government to access Base of Pyramid embryonic markets.  Theo is also developing a $50 Satellite smartphone that among other things, will enable Universal healthcare services from anywhere in the world via satellite-only connectivity.
Recently Theo established the SDG Foundation to deliver SDG ONE, a community centered, Blockchain enabled and crypto-asset powered ecosystem for facilitating achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  SDG ONE incorporates SDG project management and start up incubation with M & E, Token As A Service and decentralized ERP for SDG stakeholders, and $1 Smartphone extencibility to BoP markers.
With a background in Metaphysics, and in line with Hegel’s view of History being none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom, Theo views the phenomenon of Distributed Ledgers such as Blockchain, and Crypto-Assets, (DLCA) as a timely and critical intervention at a time Humanity is facing severe challenges, some possibly existential.
Theo has spoken at numerous UN, ITU & World Bank events over the years, is a former sports scientist and a Decathlon champion.

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