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Jarmo Eskelinen

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, the Future Cities Catapult

Jarmo Eskelinen

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, the Future Cities Catapult


Jarmo is the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of the Future Cities Catapult. Originally trained as an architect, he moved through media culture and technology domain in mid-90’s. He is an expert in user driven innovation, open data, and smart cities.

Future Cities Catapult accelerates urban innovation, to grow business and make cities better, by bringing together businesses, universities, city leaders, and citizens to solve the problems that cities face. Jarmo leads the Cities Lab of the Catapult, the multidisciplinary international team of 60 data scientists, architects, designers, ethnographers, sustainability experts, urban planners, economists, researchers, developers, social scientists, market analysts, user researchers, film makers, visual designers, et cetera. From the home base of the Urban Innovation Centre in central London, Future Cities Catapult runs projects in Dubai, Brazil, Malaysia, Europe and all corners of the UK.

From 2006 to 2016 Jarmo was the founder and the CEO of Forum Virium Helsinki, innovation lab of the City of Helsinki, Finland. Forum Virium led Helsinki’s rise to the leading Open Data city in Europe, coordinated the development of the Helsinki demonstrator area Smart Kalasatama, and launched the pioneering joint Six City Strategy of the six largest cities in Finland.

Jarmo was one of the founders of the European Network of Living Labs in 2006, which is the leading global network of user driven innovation centers, and was the President of the network 2013-15.

Previously Jarmo was the Executive Director of the Media Centre Lume of the Aalto University and Program Director of the Helsinki 2000 European Capital of Culture. In the 90’s he was an entrepreneur, managing a successful production company PopZoo Promotions.

Jarmo is vice-chair of the international Open & Agile Smart Cities network, member of the Smart London Board and member of the EC Open Innovation Policy Group OISPG.

He is a seasoned public speaker, moderator and advisor on Smart Cities, urban innovation systems, user driven innovation, Living Labs and urban data.

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