#SmartCity360 - A unique event bringing a 360° degree perspective on Smart Cities implementation projects and activities

Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

Smart Cities research – Challenges and cooperation opportunities

11:00-11:15 – Lorna Uden, Staffordshire university (Design intelligent transport systems for user experience)

11:15-11:30 – Martin Russ, AustriaTech (The Austrian Urban Mobility Labs (UML) Initiative – Experimental environments for effective research)

11:30-11:45 – Michael Schreckenberg, University of Duisburg-Essen (Traffic research between science and application)

11:45-12:00 – Jukka Lintusaari, Smart Traffic Business Development at University of Tampere (SC development , research and international collaboration in Tampere and region)

12:00-12:15 – Pekka Kess, University of Oulu (Smart City big room)

12:15-12:30 – Aija Stafans (Urban planning and design for the smart city – rethinking processes and collaboration)

12:30-12:45 – Miimu Airaksinen, RIL (Smart cities to enable sustainable growth)