#SmartCity360 - A unique event bringing a 360° degree perspective on Smart Cities implementation projects and activities
Day 1
29 Nov 2017
Day 2
30 Nov 2017
Day 3
01 Dec 2017

Smart Cities Innovation Policies

  • European and regional innovation policies and priorities
  • State of the art
  • Consolidation of efforts
  • Role of research
  • Multidisciplinary research agenda and international cooperation

Invited Speakers

Smart Cites policies. European and national programs and priorities. State of the art.
Maria Rautavirta, Data Business Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications (Disrupting Mobility)
Allam Ahmed, World Association for Sustainable Development
Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director for growth, competitiveness and innovation at the City of Tampere (Smart City as an ecosystem - platform economy and value creation)
Östen Ekengren, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Senior Advisor Smart City Sweden
Christian Walloth, Founder and CEO, Walloth Urban Advisors
Allam Ahmed
Maria Rautavirta
Teppo Rantanen
Östen Ekengren
Christian Walloth

Invited Speakers

Smart Cities research - Challenges and cooperation opportunities
Lorna Uden, Staffordshire university (Design intelligent transport systems for user experience)
Martin Russ , AustriaTech (The Austrian Urban Mobility Labs (UML) Initiative – Experimental environments for effective research)
Michael Schreckenberg, University of Duisburg-Essen (Traffic research between science and application)
Jukka Lintusaari, Smart Traffic Business Development at University of Tampere (SC development , research and international collaboration in Tampere and region)
Pekka Kess, University of Oulu (Smart City big room)
Aija Stafans, (Urban planning and design for the smart city - rethinking processes and collaboration)
Miimu Airaksinen, RIL (Smart cities to enable sustainable growth)
Lorna Uden
Martin Russ
Michael Schreckenberg
Jukka Lintusaari
Pekka Kess
Aija Staffans
Miimu Airaksinen

Invited Speakers

Smart Cities innovation worldwide. Best practices, priorities and research challenges - Smart Cities development programs: best practices, priorities and future challenges - International synergies, collaboration, and partnership - Research challenges and cooperation
Jo Barratt, Open Knowledge (Towards a frictionless Data Future)
Mika Kataikko, City of Jyväskylä City Administration (Smart and Secure Living – By Definition or By Experience)
Tanja Lahti, City of Helsinki Executive Office, Urban Research and Statistics (Open Data in Helsinki)
Bas Boorsma, CISCO (Smart Clean)
Johanna Juselius (Helsinki Smart region)
Theo Cosmora (Integrating the SDGs into smart cities via our SDG.City solution which is one of a number of extensions of our SDG.ONE platform)
Jo Barratt
Tanja Lahti
Mika Kataikko
Johanna Juselius
Bas Boorsma

Panel Discussion

  • The main challenges and complex problems of smart cities and regions
  • Research challenges and topics
  • Synergies between competencies of cities and regions
  • The role of Cities Labs
Jo Barratt, Open Knowledge
Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director for growth, competitiveness and innovation at the City of Tampere
Roope Ritvos, Forum Virium Helsinki
Christian Walloth, Founder and CEO, Walloth Urban Advisors
Miimu Airaksinen, RIL
Jo Barratt
Teppo Rantanen
Christian Walloth
Miimu Airaksinen

Technology track

Smart Cities, e-government, and public e-services - Smart Arctic cities, communities and infrastructures
Uwe Reiter, PTV Group
Floridea Di CIommo, Lead researcher on Sustainable Mobility and Travel Behaviour
Päivi Haikkola, Ecosystem Lead ONE SEA (One Sea – Introduction to autonomous maritime ecosystem)
Jarkko Jakkola, MaaS Global Oy (MaaS = End of car ownership in a Smart City?)
Jari Haapala, Finnish Meteorological Institute (Knowledge based guidance of coastal management)
Jarkko Jaakkola
Uwe Reiter
Floridea Di Ciommo
Päivi Haikkola
Jari Haapala

Technology track

Resilient and sustainable smart cities, System aspects, Cross-border smart cities, Cities Labs cooperation
Patrick Halford, IBM Nordics (Taking advantage of robotics, drone, AR/VR & A.I. industry & university/research ecosystems evolving around Nordic cities)
Jorge Saraiva, DigitalTown (Building a city strategic plan)
Christian Walloth, Walloth Urban Advisors
Patrick Halford
Jorge Saraiva
Christian Walloth

Afternoon Session

Integration and social inclusiveness - Smart regions - Smart Cities innovation ecosystem and cities as a Lab - City data analytics Labs - Smart public health - Social and economic aspects of ITS - Smart and clean environment
Kimmo Kaski, Wolfson College of Oxford University, Said Business School of Oxford University, Northeastern University (Data Science of Social Networks of Urban People)
Amit Paul Babu, BNA Technology Consulting
Alina Koskela, Finnish Transport Agency
Jyri Jaakkola, Solixi Oy (Solixi, the clean energy system)
Klaus Känsälä, Technical Research Centre of Finland (How Smart Buildings Can Help in Balancing the Energy distributing networks)
Amit Paul Babu
Alina Koskela
Jyri Jaakkola
Klaus Känsälä
Kimmo Kaski

Panel Discussion

  • Common challenges
  • Interdependencies and complementarities between domains, clusters and ecosystems
  • Socio-techno-economic systematic problems to be addressed by research
Alina Koskela, Finnish Transport Agency
Jyri Jaakkola, Solixi Oy
Suvi Hakamies, Green Net Finland
Bas Boorsma, CISCO
Christian Walloth, Walloth Urban Advisors
Alina Koskela
Jyri Jaakkola
Suvi Hakamies
Bas Boorsma
Christian Walloth


Lars Hagebris, Director, Senior Advisor FDI Invest in Finland / Finpro Embassy of Finland in Stockholm

Investment opportunities and strategists in Nordic Countries (and Finland) for Smart Cities programs and projects

Lars Hagebris


Roope Ritvos, Director of new initiatives - Forum Virium Helsinki

Making Smart City happen with innovation funding

Roope Ritvos


Valto Loikkanen, Founder & CEO of Grow VC - a Global Fintech Group. - Building Digital Ecosystems, Platforms & "My Data" Business Models

Only things that can be understood can be developed. Only things that can be measured can be improved

Valto Loikkanen

Panel discussion – Private Funding

  • What are investors looking for in Startups?
  • Which startups criteria are the most important?
  • Investor vs startup cooperation and challanges?
  • Do startups focus on Smart Cities?
  • What are the most successful Smart City startups and how investors helped them to increase their business?
  • What are your own experiences with funding?
Panu Salminen, Solixi Oy
Jyri Jaakkola, Solixi Oy
Kary Framling, Aalto University
Jorge Saraiva, DigitalTown
Panu Salminen
Jyri Jaakkola
Kary Främling
Jorge Saraiva

Success stories + funding experience

Kimo Viljama, Business Development Manager at the City of Vantaa, Finland – 6Aika Strategy
Kimmo Viljamaa


Sasu Tarkoma, Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Head of the Department of Computer Science

Internet of Things and the Smart City + funding experiences

Sasu Tarkoma

Panel discussion – Public Funding

  • What is the current legislation and what kind of legislation changes or improvments we can expect? (Small Business Act, Entrepreneurship Action Plan...)
  • How can EC support Smart Cities Startups or how can Commission boost startups in Europe? (Horizon 2020, Digital Agenda for Europe, Structual funds, European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank...)
Valto Loikkanen, Founder & CEO of Grow VC - a Global Fintech Group
Roope Ritvos, Director of new initiatives - Forum Virium Helsinki
Olli Koski, Business Intelligence Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland
Miimu Airaksinen, RIL
Valto Loikkanen
Roope Ritvos
Olli Koski
Miimu Airaksinen