#SmartCity360 - A unique event bringing a 360° degree perspective on Smart Cities implementation projects and activities
Day 1
29 Nov 2017
Day 2
30 Nov 2017
Day 3
01 Dec 2017

Smart Cities Innovation Policies

Smart Cities innovation programs: upcoming challenges for policy-makers, cities and regions - European and regional innovation policies and priorities - State of the art - Consolidation of efforts - Role of research - Multidisciplinary research agenda and international cooperation

Keynote Speakers

- Smart Cites policies. European and national programs and priorities. Sate of the art.

Keynote Speakers

- Smart Cities research - Challenges and cooperation opportunities
Kimmo Kaski
Miimu Airaksinen

Keynote Speakers

Smart Cities innovation worldwide. Best practices, priorities and research challenges - Smart Cities development programs: best practices, priorities and future challenges - International synergies, collaboration, and partnership - Research challenges and cooperation
Marcelo Garcia
Luca Mora

Panel Discussion

- The main challenges and complex problems of smart cities and regions - Research challenges and topics - Synergies between competencies of cities and regions - The role of Cities Labs
Marcelo Garcia
Luca Mora

Technology Track

- Presentations of visions and solutions from high level technology experts representing industry

Keynote Speakers

- Smart Cities, e-government and public e-services - Smart Arctic cites, communities and infrastructures

Keynote Speakers

- Resilient and sustainable smart cities - Cross-border smart cities - Cities Labs cooperation
Patrick Driscoll

Afternoon Session

- Integration and social inclusiveness - Smart regions - Smart Cities innovation ecosystem and cities as a Lab - City data analytics Labs - Smart public health - Social and economic aspects of ITS - Smart and clean environment
Julie Alexander
Santiago Martin Caravaca

Panel Discussion

- Common challenges, inter dependencies and complementarities between domains, clusters and ecosystems - Socio-techno-economic systematic problems to be addressed by research

1. Panel – Private Funding

- What are investors looking for in Startups? - Which startups criteria are the most important? - Investors vs startups cooperation and challenges - Do startups focusing on Smart Cities have some specifics? - What are the most successful Smart Cities startups and how investors helped them to increase their business?
Uli Grabenwarter
Oualid Ali

2. Panel – Public Funding

- What is the actual EU legislation and what kind of legislation changes or improvements to support Smart Cities projects we can expect? - How can EC support and boost Smart Cities Startups in Europe? (Horizon 2020, Digital Agenda for Europe, Structural funds, European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank, EIP-SCC…) - Smart Cities and startups in Scandinavia (local regulation and good examples) - Smart Cities funding worldwide: In what aspect does the EU fall behind in comparison with Asia or USA?
Olli Koski

3. Panel – EAI360 Pitching Event

EAI is supporting researchers, innovative startups and new talents. We would like to present our EAI360 Acceleration program and introduce the most succesfull EAI360 projects. Join our pitching event and help us choose the best Smart City project. Pitching event : Meet the most successful EAI360 projects focusing on Smart Cities solutions. Enjoy our EAI Acceleration program pitching event!
Gian-Luca Cioletti