Empowering the Innovation Community



Smart City 360° Summit brings together researchers, industry and government organizations to address the challenges of future cities and citizens. The joint event between Bratislava and Toronto will open a bridge to share knowledge experience, markets and planning on two continents through joint online sessions and panels.

The objective of the Summit, starting with 10 co-located technical events, followed by industry presentations, innovation and community tracks, will provide a platform for international scientific collaboration, presentation of scientific output, is to link research with practice and to popularize the topics of Smart Cities and mobility in Central Europe and North America.

When participating at Smart City 360° Summit you will get an opportunity to forge new relationships with technology leaders, strategists and key decision makers and gain access to a target rich environment of young and promising researchers, established names in the field as well as up and coming members of the community, as well as excellent networking opportunities with high profile speakers and Chairs.

Smart City 360° Summit is organized by the European Alliance for Innovation, the leading European community-based innovation organization in the field of Information and Communication Technology that supports individuals, organizations and government activities through meetings, publications and web 2.0 social innovation portals. With over a hundred thousand subscribers and hundreds of institutional members is among world largest organizations providing web tools that bring research to the market through research and innovation activities. 


  • Projects managers focusing on development of Smart Cities
  • Leading IoT companies and Start-ups in Smart Cities and Mobility fields
  • Investors, business angels and venture capitalists
  • Policy leaders from existing or potential Smart Cities – i.e. Municipalities, Government Investment Authorities
  • Urban Planning Councils
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Exhibitors in Smart Cities, mobility, urbanism, engineering and related technology fields
  • Technology experts attending co-located scientific conferences spanning ‘Smart Cities’ application domains


  • Hear from others about Success Stories and Real-world examples
  • Network and learn from the world’s most innovative examples of smart city development
  • Discover how legislation and regulation play a role in Smart Cities
  • Meet Leaders of innovative technology companies who are working on Smart Cities Technologies
  • Learn how to integrate digital and physical infrastructure
  • Understand how can your Smart City application benefit from the FIWARE ecosystem
  • Showcase products and services
  • Address challenges and share solutions